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HUION HS610, A new generation of professional battery-free graphics drawing tablet, which can greatly improve your work efficiency of painting and creation, and full of fun.

From Mac,Windows to Andriod
You need to install a driver first when connecting to a PC with CPE USB cable.
Huion brings the OTG technology(On-THE-GO is mainly used for the connection between various devices for data exchange) to the field and makes their debut by releasing the HS610 . It is easier to capture your flash inspiration when your Andriod device meet HUION HS610. HS610 pen tablet can work without installing any driver into your Andriod phone or tablet.

Brand New Smart Chip
The chip with independently developed algorithm enables lines input to be vividly rendered as different shapes as pressure applied changes. Instant response to pen movements is ensured without lagging of lines.Lines and color will be rendered in higher accuracy, with delicacy unfolded in each pixel.
How to connect HS610 to your Andriod Devices?
Once connected to a Andriod phone or tablet, Huion HS610 tablet will automatically detect and change into phone mode, in which the pen can only work in the area to the left.
When it fails to enter the phone mode , please press button ① and ⑤ at the same time for 3 seconds to enter the phone mode.
PS:For some mobile phones, activation of OTG connection requires further settings as the picture showed.

Newest V14 Driver
More functions wait for your exploration: 1.Import& Export which can save your shortcuts settings, avoid duplicate setting. 2. For shortcut setting, the V14 driver now can support direct keyboard input 3. It has added “Mouse/Relative Mode” and “Game Mode”(please note that only Windows system has the Game Mode). 4. It has added update notification….

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